Our strategy is simple ,we offer quality ,reliable products to industry professionals but what set us apart from our competition is our focus on customer service. Our customers are the most important aspects of our business ,we are dependant on you ,you are not not dependent on us.We keep things simple and have the flexibility to offer the personal touch to our before and after installation service

Our client base is made up of those we have installed electric fence and those who have called us with electric fencing problems.We take on the repair and servicing of the majority of electric fence system for existing electric fencing where the owner is no longer have contacts with the original installer or have lost confidence in the original installer.

Our electric fence installers have constantly shown their professional commitment to customer service ,quality and safety .We make sure the electric fencing we install will meet the axact standards you expect,supplied and installed a world leader in reliable and efficient security system.


  • Will be there for you today and tomorrow
  • All your question will be answered in a courteous and clear precise manner
  • We dont charge extra money for weekend/holidays
  • Affordable and reasonable prices
  • Ongoing communication will be welcomed to ensure your complete satisfactions

Due to whether and climate by time electric fence will start to be worn out and needs attention .Electric fence owners can ensure that the fence is in good working order by conducting general maintenance on such such electric fences.The maintenance generally consists of clearing the fence of all vegetation and debris that cause high voltage pulses and that could lower the effectiveness of the fence tightening wires that are visibly slackened and fixing all broken parts of the fence. Rust electric fence wires can also reduce the effectiveness of the fence

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