we have professionals with extensive work experiences in installation of residential top wall electric fences. Concertina Razor Wire is added as another layer of security in enhancing residential electric fences

Have you ever wondered where your loved ones are on a long drive and for one way or another your calls aren’t getting through to them? Through vehicle tracking, we script a tracker installed in the vehicle with a software which enables the client to receive real-time locations and report alerts through our app or SMS. It also provides the real state of the vehicle for example; Is the engine on? off? Static? Moving? Speed if it is moving? All this information is available at the click of a button.

This information can also be accessed through a personal computer using log in credentials that will be provided once our tracking device has been fitted.

More and more people are taking advantage of the electric fences in Kenya that are available at Nairobi Electric Fences. These are very effective when it comes to securing their premises. Unlike barbs or bottle pieces, electric fences make it extremely hard for intruders to access a protected area.

We employs modern and innovative electric fencing installers in Kenya methods to ensure clients get the best in electric fences installations in Kenya. As such we ensure that due diligence is observed to ensures the materials and placement of the electric fences. Perhaps, the electric fences Kenya could be for a ranch, a suburb, a public institution, a conservancy or a farm in Kenya requiring the services of an electric fencing company Kenya & suppliers in Kenya.

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