We are a market leader in electric fencing in Nairobi Kenya for over Five years. Nairobi Electric Fences has the knowledge and expertise to provide you with the best solutions to meet your requirements. We protect what is important to you so that you can rest easy.

Our products, expertise and distribution network ensure you obtain the best electric fence in Kenya for your animal control, and perimeter security. Electric fences are your first line of defense as a visual deterrent to crime. Should anyone decide to call your bluff, power energizers emit a non-lethal electrical current, either continuously or in pulses, as per your specification.

Find out more about how Nairobi electric fencing solutions can provide you with peace of mind, whether you want to protect your property, people, assets, livestock or pets.

Electric Fencing Solution

We are the leading installer of Electric Fencing Systems in Nairobi Kenya. Our specialized team is trained to help customers effectively set up fences in compliance with the globally accepted laws and regulations. Contact us for a free Consultation & Quotation

Razor Wire Fences

Our Razor Wire Fencing in Nairobi Kenya is both a formidable physical barrier and an excellent psychological deterrent. Given the increasing costs of security and the damage to vulnerable sites, Razor Wire Fencing is a cheap, cost effective perimeter defence system.

Electric With Razor Wire Fencing

We provide and Install quality Electric Fences and Razor Wires in Nairobi at affordable prices. If you’re looking for a security deterrent without rival, razor wire definitely fits the bill. It is a very effective security solution and deterrent that few trespassers would willingly test.

Our Electric Fence Solutions

As per security and area of application, we provide various effective solutions & Products.

*Residential Electric Fence
Nairobi Electric Fence products are trusted by many homeowners as the product of choice to secure their private properties, housing estates and villages.

*Commercial Security Fence
Nairobi Electric Fence has identified this need for secure perimeter protection combined with aesthetically pleasing designs that do not compromise on the effectiveness of the security.

*Animal Control Fence-
Extensive range of quality and innovative Animal Management electric fencing solutions help to ensure the safety and wellbeing of your animals.

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Why us

Nairobi Electric fencing has become the most preferred choice of customers for all electric fence Needs & Solutions. Get a Quote Now.

NationWide Delivery

We have developed a framework that allows us to deliver nationwide, supply & install all Solutions at an affordable price.

Our Team

We have a team of proficient professional Technicians who help us in offering excellent electric fence Services to our Clients

Complete solution

For Ultimate Perimeter Security!

Electric fencing can easily be considered the ultimate security feature for any residential property security system but, to most Kenyans, it’s simply a necessity. It is your first line of defense against burglary and home invasion and will protect your family and property 365 days a year by acting as a psychological barrier, a physical barrier and a means to alert you and, your security company, of an attempted breach of your home perimeter. Electric fences do not consume a lot of electric power and most homes will experience an increase on their electric bill after installation.

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Electric Fences Repair

Contact us for repairmaintenance and service all types of Electric Fences in Nairobi and in any part of Kenya

The Nairobi #1 for, Electric Fence Installation

We are the leading company in Kenya for supplying & installing of electric fence.

Electric Fencing Materials

We supply most common electric fence energizer machines including Hammer Series, JVA, Nemtek etc.

Fencing Posts

We Supply and install electric fences using treated wooden posts, steel (SHS) posts or concrete posts. Top Wall Electric Fence Steel Posts (1-1.5meters); Free Standing Electric Fence Posts (2.0-2.5meters);Treated Wooden Posts; Customized Concrete Posts Solutions

Fencing Accessories

Electric Fencing Accessories include; insulators,Under-gate Cables, Siren Kits,W’s Post Insulators (riveted);
Our Electric Fencing Products
Top wall Electric Fences

Top Wall Electric Fence is an electric fence that is done on top of a stone perimeter wall. It can be customized to suit and to secure any property including homes, warehouses, offices or banks. Concertina Razor wire is usually added as an additional security measure to stop any intrusion into the property

Free Standing Electric Fence

Our freestanding electric fence is commonly installed on big areas of land such as farms, estates, commercial and residential properties. Instead of farm owner constructing a concrete wall all around the property, installing freestanding electric fences is the most efficient.

Game Electric Fences

In Kenya, a game fence is installed mostly to prevent human-wildlife conflicts. At Electric Fences Kenya, we design game fences that either keep wild animals out of your farm, hotel or lodge or keep them inside the park or conservancy area.

Electric Fence Advantages

There are several reasons why installing an electric fence from Nairobi Electric Fences could be a good idea for your business, including: Installation on existing wall or fence, or as a stand-alone perimeter fence, Provides a physical/psychological barrier that deters or delays intruders, Provides an electric shock to intruders, Provides a higher level of detection capability, an intrusion attempt will trigger the alarm which can then be transmitted to several mobile phones, Low maintenance costs, Low running costs & Easy to operate

Fencing Accessories

  • 1. Undergate Cable

    We supply under gate cables for electric fencing in kenya, undergate cables kenya, Call us, text us, whatsapp us.

  • 2. Electric Fence Energizer

    We supply and install electric fence energizers, hammer brand, of 630, 640 and 680 power. Want to learn more? Call us today.

  • 3. High Tensile Galvanized Wire

    We supply and install high quality ht wires used for electric fencing in Kenya fencing wire in KenyaGalvanized high tensile wires in Kenya

  • 4. Razor Wire

    The platform can also generate reports for instance, the distance covered in a day, the number of violations if any (speeding violations), the number of times the vehicle was parked and the durations.

  • 5. Siren And Strobe Lights

    We stock various fencing accessories. They include: Siren Kits (15 and 30 watts sounders, strobe lights and siren boxes)

  • 6. More Accessories

    Danger / Hatari Warning Signs, 4 Cores Alarm Cable, Super Strainer Insulator, Wire Strainer Tool, JVA Fence Flashing Lite, Nemtek Fence Light, Alarm System


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